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The Transnational Advocacy Group

The Transnational Advocacy Group or TAG is platform promoting advocacy around the world. The platform is very new but interested in making change happen around the world.

Transnational Advocacy Group (TAG): is a web platform filled with information pertaining to various fiends of advocacy. We are not licensed or a legal defence fund. We provide links and information pertaining to the needs and services of people.

Advocacy in all its forms seeks to ensure that people, particularly those who are most vulnerable in society, are able to:

  • Have their voice heard on issues that are important to them.
  • Defend and safeguard their rights.
  • Have their views and wishes genuinely considered when decisions are being made about their lives.

Advocacy is a process of supporting and enabling people to:

  • Express their views and concerns.
  • Access information and services.
  • Defend and promote their rights and responsibilities.
  • Explore choices and options

What are our goals in the future?
In the short run, we are busy helping people. This is what advocacy is. We hope to put all the things we are currently learning into a box or tool-box and access them in the future. This means we want to keep educating ourselves so we can help educate others. We want to create a platform where people can find useful information and share their thoughts and motivations. We are creating cooperation with others non profits and associations, making projects and directing people to various Call-2-Actions or campaigns.

In todays world, it is very important to become involved in something. Its your choice to figure out what you are passionate in and where you want to direct your time and energy. We hope we are the platform you come to, to find this information.

Everyone is an Advocate. Whatever you spend your free-time doing, you are advocating that. If you are raising children, then you are an advocate for parenting. If you are a Fireman in your work, then you are an advocate for public service and welfare. You are both heroes!



Brand advocates come in all shapes in sizes. They are all passionate about your brand; however the way they go about advocating and telling their friends and their motivations tend to vary. Recently Mark Fidelman, with the help of SocialChorus, put together an infographic about the different types of advocates.

Titanic Tweeter

The Titanic Tweeter makes his/her voice loud and clear. Share and share a lot. These advocates are always on and always sharing new findings. They are highly engaged advocates on social. Motivate them to share by providing them with lots of interesting and entertaining content.

Megaphone Millionaire

The Megaphone Millionaire has a large audience. This brand advocate is socially famous and is likely to be “real-life famous” as well; actors, musicians, politicians, writers, and entrepreneurs all fall into this category. They have a huge following therefore if they share brand content it will be seen by many.

Passionate Pilgrim

The Passionate Pilgrim is loyal to a fault. This brand advocate has been loyal to your brand for years. They know and love your product and will advocate for the brand, no matter what. Be sure to thank these advocates to recognise their devote loyalties to your brand. In doing so, you’ll secure a lifelong customer.

Curious Curator

The Curious Curator has done their research. This brand advocate has completed exhaustive research about your brand and is loyal becuase they know your brand is the best out there. They’re happy to share their findings with friends and family. Encourage them to share educational content about your brand that will fuel their intellectual mind.

Giving Guru

The Giving Guru is selfless and lives to give. This brand advocate is always looking for information that will be useful for their friends and family. Provide these advocates with educational or entertaining content that will help their networks and these advocates will surely share.

Noiseless Ninja

The Noiseless Ninja quietly shares information about your brand. Finding brand bargains, steals and deals. When they see a deal, they have to tell their friends, however they may do so by posting anonymously or share with family and friends.

Heroic Hipster

The Heroic Hipster knew your brand “before it was cool”. This brand advocate is one of your first customers and wants to tell everyone. They have known your brand for longer than most customers, which makes them great brand advocates and a valuable source of information for other current and new customers so it’s important to encourage them to share.












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We have been working within the youth program for over two decades. We have a strong experience with that. TAG is the perfect platform to find information, and share personal stories, experiences, and where to go to get involved. Join a local Call-2-Action or contact us.

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